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Signing In To The Extension

Step 1: Purchase A Subscription

Before using ChromeGPT, purchase a subscription that fits your needs. You will not be able to use ChromeGPT without an active subscription.

Step 2: Get Your Username and Password

When purchasing a subscription, a username (your email) and password (auto-generated) will be created and emailed to you. You will use this username and password to sign in to the ChromeGPT extension. You may also update your password by visiting our login page and clicking "I have forgotten my password" or visiting your profile page and updating your password.

Step 3: Sign In To The Extension

Once you have located your username and password, you must sign in to the ChromeGPT Extension to begin using it. To sign in, click on the extension icon in the Chrome browser (located in the top right). If you don't see the ChromeGPT extension icon, click the puzzle piece icon and "pin" the ChromeGPT icon for easier access.

Interacting with ChatGPT

Step 1: Sign In To The Extension

Follow our instructions in the previous section to sign in to the extension.

Step 2: Click The Popup Icon

After you've signed in, you'll begin to see the ChromeGPT popup icon appear on the websites you visit. Click the icon to open up the ChatGPT popup. This is how you will interact with ChatGPT.

Step 3: Enter Your Message

Type your message and click the arrow icon or hit "Enter" to send your message. You will see a waiting spinner appear while your message is being processed. You'll receive a response shortly. Continue messaging ChatGPT as needed.

Using Your Prompt Library

The ChromeGPT extension includes a prompt library feature, which can be used to save your most frequently used prompts. Your prompts will be available later when you highlight text and right-click. See below for an example of a saved prompt that provides summaries of articles. 

An image showing how to use your prompt

Step 1: View The Prompt Library

To navigate to the Prompt Library, click the extension icon to open the extension options popup as seen below. Then click on "View Prompt Library".

Step 2: Add Your Prompt Title

Each prompt must have a "Title". The title will be used to help you identify your prompt later. For example, if you want to save a prompt that asks ChatGPT to summarize an article for you, your title could be "Article Summary". Later, when you highlight text and right-click, you'll see "Article Summary" appear in your light of saved prompts.

Step 3: Add Your Prompt

Type the prompt you want to save for later. For example, to summarize articles you can save a prompt that says "Please summarize the following article for me and provide a bullet point list of the main ideas:".

Step 4: Save Your Prompt

Click the "Save" button to save the prompt. Now, when you select a portion of text and right-click, your saved prompt will be available.

Enable ChatGPT-4

Step 1: Purchase A Subscription That Includes GPT-4 Tokens

The "Plus" and "Pro" plans both include access to GPT-4 tokens. If you have the "Starter" plan, you will not be able to enable GPT-4 access.

Step 2: Click The ChromeGPT Extension Icon

When you click the ChromeGPT extension icon located at the top-right of the browser window, you'll see a popup appear. The popup will contain some options as well as your chat history.

Step 3: Toggle The Use GPT-4 Slider

As long as you have a "Plus" or a "Pro" plan and you still have tokens available, you will be able to access the latest GPT-4 models. When the slider is blue, GPT-4 is turned "on". You will be able to track your token usage.