How To Setup Your First Smart Highlight Prompt

Prerequisite: Create a ChatGPT Account

Before using our extension, you must have a free account at ChatGPT's website. This extension will not function correctly without a ChatGPT account. This only takes a moment and is completely free to create.

Step 1: Navigate To Our Extension Options Page

To setup your first Smart Highlight prompt, you must first navigate to the ChromeGPT extension options page. Click on the puzzle icon to the right of the Chrome address bar. This will open up your currently installed extensions. Click the 3 dots next to our Chrome Extension (see image below for a demo).

Image showing how to locate ChromeGPT options page

Step 2: Enter A Title And A Prompt And Click Save

Once you are on the options page, you must enter a title for your prompt. This will be used to identify the prompt when you right-click on a webpage and select your prompt in the future. Next, write the actual prompt that you would like to use on ChatGPT's website. Finally, click the "Save" button.

For example...

Title: Article Summary
Prompt: Please provide a summary of the following text in bullet point form

An image showing where to enter your prompt

Step 3: Highlight Text On A Webpage, Right-Click, and Select Your Smart Highlight Prompt

Finally, navigate to a website of your choice. Click and drag to select text on the page. Then, right-click and select your prompt. 

For example, if your prompt is "Summarize the following article", then you would highlight the entire article. But if your prompt was "Please explain the following idea in an easy to understand way", you would only highlight the word or phrase that you wanted ChatGPT to explain.

An image showing how to use your prompt

Step 4: Let ChromeGPT Work Its Magic!

Our Chrome Extension will take care of the rest, automatically opening ChatGPT, pasting your prompt as well as the selected text. It will automatically start executing your prompt.