How do I use Chrome GPT?

ChromeGPT is designed to be your intelligent browsing companion. At its core, it allows you to seamlessly integrate customized prompts—like commands or questions—with your browser experience. Here's how it works:

  • Highlight & Command: While browsing, just highlight any text that you want more information about, or that you'd like to process in a certain way.
  • Use a Saved Prompt: Right-click the highlighted text and select a saved prompt from your ChromeGPT menu. This could be anything from "Please summarize this text" to more specific commands like "Translate this to French" or "Rephrase this to sound more professional."
  • Effortless Interaction: ChromeGPT then quickly processes your request and offers you results via ChatGPT.

Now, think of its value:

  • Time-Saving: Instead of manually copying text, opening a new tab, pasting it, and typing out your query, ChromeGPT streamlines the process. Imagine saving several minutes with every search—those minutes add up!
  • Enhanced Learning: If you're a student or a professional reading an article with technical jargon, you can instantly ask for simpler explanations. Language learners can swiftly translate and understand phrases in context.
  • Improved Productivity: For digital marketers or content creators, generating content ideas or summaries becomes a breeze.
  • Personalized Efficiency: While the free version gives you a taste with a single prompt, upgrading allows you to save multiple personalized prompts tailored to your needs, enhancing your online experience exponentially.

In essence, ChromeGPT is like having a digital assistant embedded right within your browser, ready to assist, explain, and enhance as you browse.

Do you have a tutorial?

The ChromeGPT extension is simple to use. Visit our tutorial page to watch a video demonstrating how the extension works. 

Is the Chrome GPT Extension Free?

The basic version of the Chrome GPT extension is free to use. The basic version includes the ability to make a single reusable prompt. However, we also offer a Pro version of the extension that allows you to unlock unlimited prompts.

How much does it cost to upgrade to Chrome GPT Pro?

We currently offer 3 yearly payment options. Each option comes with a different amount of licenses allowing you to use the Chrome GPT Pro extension on multiple devices. Visit our pricing page to view our pricing options.

How do I cancel my subscription?

An account will be created for you automatically when you complete a purchase. To cancel your subscription, simply login to your account, click on the subscriptions link and click "cancel". You also send us a message for assistance.

Why does ChatGPT say I have been blocked?

If you receive a message that says you have been blocked by ChatGPT like in the image below, this may be due to using a VPN. This is not due to our Chrome Extension, but due to ChatGPT's own website, which does not permit use by a VPN. Try turning off your VPN and trying to connect again.

You have been blocked by ChatGPT