Features of ChromeGPT Extension

With ChromeGPT, we've seamlessly integrated the power of ChatGPT into Google Chrome. These features are designed to supercharge your online browsing and research experience

Get Instant Access To

Quickly Dive into Conversations

Just click our extension icon on any webpage to instantly access the ChatGPT popup. Engage in meaningful dialogues without losing momentum — ChromeGPT stores your chat history so you can pick up right where you left off. Seamless continuity boosts your productivity, making sure no thought or inquiry gets left behind.

Enhance Your Browsing with Our Prompt Library

Discover the power of ChromeGPT's Prompt Library, a feature that redefines your web interaction. It's not just browsing; it's browsing tailored to you, making your online experience more efficient and personalized than ever.

Step 1: Add Prompts To Your Library

Start by adding your go-to prompts into your ChromeGPT Prompt Library. It’s quick and easy. Just save your most used queries and commands for instant access. Set up your customized prompt toolkit today and streamline your online activities without hassle.

Step 2: Highlight, Right-Click

With your prompts ready, highlight any piece of text to unleash their power. ChromeGPT allows you to interact seamlessly with the selected content using ChatGPT, turning every browsing moment into an opportunity for enhanced productivity and understanding. Dive into a more intuitive and engaging browsing experience now.

Quickly Revisit Chats with
Chat History

Easily access your recent conversations using ChromeGPT’s Chat History. This feature keeps track of your chats, so you can effortlessly pick up where you left off or refer back to important information. With Chat History, never lose a crucial conversation again. Enjoy a smoother, more organized browsing experience by keeping your discussions readily accessible.

Unlock the Power Of ChatGPT with

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your online experience? For just $5 a month, you can wave goodbye to the constraints of standard browsing and say hello to a world of possibilities with ChromeGPT. It’s not just an upgrade; it’s a revolution in how you interact with the web.

Imagine having a conversation with ChatGPT on any webpage at the click of a button, making each session a seamless blend of your thoughts and the internet’s vast resources. Or personalizing your browsing with our Prompt Library, turning the vast ocean of information into a curated stream that flows exactly where you want it to.

With ChromeGPT, every feature from the effortless Chat History retrieval to the ingenious OmniBox queries is designed with one goal in mind: to seamlessly integrate into your digital life, enhancing it in ways you didn’t know were possible. This is about giving you back more time—time for creativity, for productivity, for what matters most to you.

We believe technology should work for you, elevating your online interactions into something remarkable. That’s the heart of ChromeGPT. For the cost of a coffee, you can revolutionize the way you browse, research, and interact online every month.

Why wait to step into the future of browsing? Upgrade to ChromeGPT Premium today. Your enhanced, effortless, and personalized web experience awaits. Welcome to the next level of browsing. Welcome to ChromeGPT Premium.