Chat GPT Extension for Google Chrome

About Our Chat GPT Extension for Google Chrome

Unlock the full power of AI without ever leaving your browser with ChromeGPT. Designed for the ultimate multitasker, ChromeGPT seamlessly integrates Chat GPT into your Google Chrome experience, transforming your browser into a powerhouse of productivity and innovation.

Whether you're deep-diving into research, brainstorming ideas, or organizing your thoughts, ChromeGPT acts as your personal assistant, ready at a click. With its intuitive interface, you can use Chat GPT in Google Chrome in an easy to use popup on any page, delve into your recent chat history to pick up where you left off, or effortlessly draw from a personalized prompt library for instant AI-powered insights.

ChromeGPT goes beyond by offering exclusive access to Chat GPT-4, the latest in AI technology, at a fraction of the standard cost. Tailor your interaction with AI through customizable settings, including turning the popup on or off, monitoring your token usage, and managing your conversations for privacy. The essence of ChromeGPT is simple: enhance your online efficiency, save precious time, and unleash your productivity potential.

Introducing ChromeGPT: Your In-Browser Personal Assistant

Get Instant Access To Chat GPT In Google Chrome

Instant Productivity With A Click

The ChromeGPT Chat GPT extension loads an icon on the bottom-left side of any webpage for quick access to Chat GPT. Just click the icon and unlock a world of possibilities. 

Unlock The Power Of Chat GPT-4

Supercharge Your Intelligence

Unlock the power of Chat GPT-4 with our "Plus" and "Pro" plans. Get the most out of every interaction and level up your productivity with the power of Chat GPT-4.

Create A Chat GPT Prompt Library

The Smart Way To Save Your Prompts

Save your most frequently used prompts for easy to use access. Then just highlight a word, a phrase, or an entire section, right-click, and select your saved prompt to interact with it flawlessly..

Convenient Chat History

Pick Back Up Where you Left Off

Click the Chat GPT extension icon to instantly access your most recent interactions with ChatGPT. Pick back up where you left off without missing a beat.

How People Are Using Our Chat GPT Chrome Extension

Give me a bullet point summary of the following text.

Article Summary

Translate this word or phrase into Spanish.

Language Translation

Write a blog post that covers the same topics that are discussed in the following text.

Blog Post

Define the following word. Then provide examples of the word being used in a sentence.


Create a lesson plan for my 2nd grade class based on the ideas discussed in the following text.

Lesson Planning

Write a unique product description based on the following text. 

Product Descriptions

Give me a list of 10 blog post ideas based off of the following text.

Idea generation

Tell me everything I need to know about the following topic.


Commitment-Free Exploration of AI

Dive into the future of browsing with ChromeGPT's commitment-free 14-day trial. We believe in the transformative power of our extension so much that we invite you to experience its full capabilities risk-free. Start your journey with immediate access to all features, including the groundbreaking ChatGPT-4, and if within the first week you decide it's not for you, canceling is as simple as a few clicks—no charge, no hassle.